Animals Travel to Get Back Home

When I was a little girl my grandfather gave me a wonderful collie dog and I named him Jigs
as in the comic strip.

He was such a wonderful pet but he really had become a handful as we lived in the city and there was just not enough space for him to roam.

Enter my uncle that had a farm and soon Jigs was on his way to his new home, the farm. Uncle Dale
reported that Jigs had left the farm several times headed south where we just happen to live but he picked him up and drove him back to the farm.

Our family would go to the farm later for a visits and Jigs was just so thrilled to see us and, of course, we were thrilled to see him.

This morning I was just reading about a cat that had been dropped off at a rescue center. Somehow she escaped and was so thin and sickly looking, and yet, she walked twelve miles back to her original family’s home and when she got there they did not welcome her. They didn’t want her even though she had walked all those miles because she loved them that much.

The family returned her to a rescue center to be put to sleep. Thank goodness for the kind, caring people at the rescue center she was rehabilitated and is now healthy, active and still lives at the rescue center in the midst of those that love her.