Caretaker Help In Aging Populations

By being able to take care early on of diabetes and the management of high blood pressure people are living much longer and, therefore, we must find new ways to help with their care.

If you have ever been confronted with taking care of the aging you know what a burden and expense it can propose.

This is where carebots enter to lend a helping hand both in individual homes and in nursing homes where many are living.

It’s amazing what the carebots can do such as changing light bulbs, reading emotions, and estimating a person’s age as well as their gender. It can help in the patient’s entertainment as well as helping to collect medical information and explaining it to the patient.

Some robots are able to have conversations with the elderly and keep them company as well as well as providing physical therapy and being an in the home concierge.

The advances in medicine and the wider access to medicines and health care are proving very effective in treating and even doing away with some of the biggest health care threats of the elderly.