Daily Dealing With the Family Cats

Wow, I am really getting a great education dealing with my two aging Siamese cats.

After being out of town a couple of days I have gotten the message loud and clear that they do not like my being away one bit!

How do I know this? Let me tell you the ways! First of all their two cat boxes were almost totally ignored and they used the entire bathroom floor where the boxes are located while almost sparing their two boxes.

I had been back home a day and a half before one of them came out to the den to say “hello”,

From this past weeks behavior of my cat family I am working on the idea that they were suffering from “separation anxiety”.

I will be adding new toys to help them stay busy and entertained the next time I am away.
Also, I will double check the cat boxes and make sure that I leave their favorite radio music playing.

We hope that these new things will help the cats relax and be comfortable while I am away. If these changes do not solve the immediate behavior problems of my cat family we will explore other avenues including a visit to the veterinarian.