Do Animals Experience Shame and Guilt?

Do animals experience shame and guilt?

There are many opinions to this question but I haven’t seen any ironclad science findings on this at this writing. It really seems to be a mixed bag thus far.

My neighbor’s dog is a huge dog which looks like a lion and lab mix. He’s a golden color and appears to be larger than the labs I have known.

This dog stays outside the main house in the summers and has a bountiful coat of hair until the heat gets too much at which time I notice him and he has experienced a makeover of “shaved” body and no hair around the face that made him look like a lion.

For about two weeks after his “makeover” he seldom comes out of his dog house, otherwise, he was out most of the time.

My family and I have discussed the idea that he is embarrassed and needs to get used to his new look.

It seems as though animals have a certain status that they must maintain in their own species as well as in the community of humans where they associate most.?

What are your experiences and thoughts on this subject?