Enjoying Halloween

Allhallowtide is the beginning of the three day observance of remembering the dead including martyrs, saints (hallows), and all the ones passed on into eternity.

It is thought that many Halloween traditions that we celebrate today began with the ancient Celtic festivals which may have had pagan roots. Some believe that these festivals became Christianized with the early church over the centuries.

Many Halloween festivals are used for raising money for school projects, athletics, scholarships or medical needs.

The many fun activities during Halloween include trick-or-treating, Halloween entertaining and celebrations, pumpkin carving and decorating, apple bobbing, bonfires, telling ghosts stories and playing pranks and watching horror movies.

Many churches all over the world, use the Halloween celebrations to attend church services to enjoy entertainment and good food in a celebratory atmosphere with friends while honoring the dead by lighting candles.

During these celebrations Halloween costumes are the dress and one of the main attractions of these events.

Halloween costumes have changed over the years from the time your mom made your costume from a sheet, paper bag or the popular crepe paper of that day.

Costumes that feature skeletons, black cats, and ghosts to comic and television characters, and, now even to politicians of the day, allow us to express ourselves fully.

Halloween is always a fun time to enjoy getting together and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.