First Day of School

Here in my town tomorrow is the first day of the new school year.

Do you remember those first days of the new school year?

Even though I am very old at this writing I remember those first days of the school year. Particularly, do I remember the first day of the fifth grade for me.

It was very hot and no air conditioning back in those days and even getting dressed for school was miserable with the humidity and heat. A fan about the size of a pizza buzzed away redistributing the hot air as my mother helped me remove the “rag curlers” from my long blond hair.

I was in that awkward stage of not knowing whether to sit inside and visit with the adults or go outside and play with the rest of the children.

Over the summer I had grown much taller and leaner and I wanted to make “my
mark” and be remembered by all the students new and old.

I had laid out the night before a beautiful yellow linen weave dress that my aunt had handed down to me as my cousin had just outgrown it.

Since it was the first day of the school year my mother drove my sister and me to school which we considered a treat.

The entire student body of 12 grades were assembled in the auditorium and the program began with the welcome and the introduction of teachers. This took a bit of time. Then, the principal began to appoint someone from each class to come to the front.

The names were called and, suddenly, I thought I heard my name but did I really? So, I sat there a minute to be sure and, there it was again and it was really my name.

All the people that were called went down to the front and were each given a stack of papers to give to each student in his immediate class.

I just remember that particular day which made me seem important and useful as more than just a child.

Do you have a happening in your life, large or small, that marked a transition period in your growth?