Food Waste in Our Hungry World

We hear about hunger in the world as an on going problem. None of us want anyone to go to bed at night hungry.

In one of the larger US states there are about a billion pounds of produce that go to waste annually. And this number is after processors, animal feedlots and food banks have taken what they can use.

Food is an expensive commodity in the average household budget and as long as it is good, fresh produce it can be used and enjoyed by the masses.

Most of this overage in produce that cannot be sold commercially is due to it being ill-shaped, ugly or disfigured in some way.

California food banks, alone, take in about 160,000,000 pounds of produce in donations annually. It turns out that more food is being wasted and winding up in landfills than can be used.

I am very interested in checking out companies that sell what they term “ugly” produce which they will ship to their customers at a reduced cost. it seems that they collect the “ugly” produce from local farms, box it up and ship it to various locations around the country.

We enjoy juicing fruits and vegetables and this would be perfect for that.