Getting to Know Salt

Is your doctor always advising you to cut down on your salt intake? I imagine doctors have been advising their patients about salt for decades.

Through the generations salt has been very important to civilization. It has been around as a favorite and versatile item since it is thought to have a history of origination in, Solnitsata, (meaning salt works), Bulgaria which was built around a salt mine that has provided salt for the Balkans since 5400 BC.

The name Salz comes from the German word Salz meaning salt. Hallstatt, Austria was the world’s original location of a salt mine which was located in central Austria and began mining around 800 BC. The towns people had earlier done open pan salt making using pickaxes and shovels.

It is claimed that the Romans were sometimes paid in salt but that hasn’t been proven and stems from the practice of the ancient Romans salting their leafy vegetables. The word salad literally means “salted”.

Many ventures have been launched from monies made from salt even the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492 which led to the discovery of America.

Through the centuries many wars have been fought over this precious commodity, salt, and even was incenuated into the American Revolution.