Pet Benefits for the Elderly

Pet ownership has proven over and over again to benefit the elderly in many ways.

Pets help to reduce the stress of their owners as they provide companionship and company for them.

The world today is plagued with loneliness for many age groups and pets can work magic in helping people side step some of those lonely times.

Loneliness and boredom are big contributors when the elderly begin to experience failing health.

Taking care of a pet helps one feel needed and worthy. Many different species of animals make wonderful pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, miniature pigs, turtles, and birds, but, cats and dogs seem to be the most popular choices. Owning a pet provides many benefits including:

Lowered cholesterol

Reduced rates of developing heart disease

Reduced systolic blood pressure for female owners

The above results found by the Baker Medical Research Institute, Australia’s largest cardiac center.

There are many healthy pets in shelters that need good homes and companionship. Maybe a trip with an elderly person through the search pages of “rescue” sites might be the perfect match for both the elderly person and the animal.