Smart Birds Show Us a Better Way

I am always amazed at how nature provides if only we humans understand how to use it for the benefit of all.

I recently read about how crows have been trained to pick up litter at a historical French theme park, according to an announcement by their president. It seems that six especially trained crows will be used for this task.

Nicolas de Villiers of the Puy du Fou park in the western Vendee region of France explained that even though the guests to the park try to keep it tidy, nature can lead the way in teaching us how to tend the environment.

He also mentioned that the crow family of birds which includes rooks, the carrion crow, raven and jackdaw are considered to be very intelligent in certain circumstances. They seem to like to communicate with humans in a playful way.

Crows are known to be great problem-solvers with wonderful communication skills. When a crow comes upon a mean human, it will show leadership and teach other crows of his flock how to recognize that person. Research shows that crows also have a terrific memory and don’t forget a face.

The birds will be taught to clean up the litter in the park by working to receive a small tasty nugget of bird food stored in a particular box each time the bird deposits litter.

I wouldn’t mind having a few crows around my yard to keep it tidy. How about you?

Ref: Live Science