What is Hiding in Plain Site in Your Garage?

What is in your garage?

Have you ever just wanted to clean out your garage down to the bare floor?

In the case of the “wise” couple who had disagreed for some 20+ years on whether to keep storing the skylight blue Ford Mustang convertible, the auto that had just stopped running after their family had driven it for 15 years.

The couple decided to keep the car stored so that the husband could restore it when he retired.

The car had been purchased back in 1964 for $3447.50 when one of the owners was 22 years old. Now the skylight blue Ford Mustang, that had been driven by the family of six for 15 years, is valued between $350,000 and $450,000.

Imagine the original of the first Ford Mustang automobile and the present owner being one and the same.

One of the owners of the car acknowledges the thrill of the discovery of the value of the car and the sheer experience of the surprising and mysterious

What exciting times!

It may be time to check out what’s in the ‘ole garage!